Thursday, January 04, 2007

Welcome to the 110th Congress

Today the new Democratic majority takes control on Capitol Hill.
Nancy Pelosi & Co. have promised that in the first 100 hours (It is like a Football game clock with lots of Time-Outs) they are going to prove themselves to the people by making changes in what gets done, and how they do it. Ethics reform was first on the list, followed by a number of things that people have wanted, like stem cell research and the minimum wage, but that the Republican 109th congress refused to act on (in good faith).
Of course I hope for the best, but I am getting that sinking feeling. Will they really follow through? Will they just slap a new coat of paint on the old rust? Or will they really dig down and scrape away the corrosion?
And will they stand up to this executive branch which has so gravely usurped the powers of the people’s house, and so undermined the Constitution, or will they go all squishy and spineless just when they need to stand tall?
Will they really investigate, issue subpoenas, follow the evidence of bad behavior and dishonest dealings wherever it may lead and do what needs be done, even if that includes impeachment proceedings against government officials?
Anyone who thinks that such a stringently principled response to the events of the past several years is bad for the nation is being short-sighted. It is critically important to enforce the rule of Law as expressed in the Constitution if we want to save the republic and turn away from an imperial presidency.