Friday, November 17, 2006


Well there is reason to be happy and hopeful. The people have spoken, and they have upset the control of the most powerful group in congress, the Republican leadership.
Exit polls indicate that voters gave “corruption” as the second most important reason for turning against the Republicans (after the failures of the Iraq War).
It is true that the particularly corrupt 109th congress is dominated by Republicans, and it is true that the several interlocking scandals that have cracked open recently involve mostly Republicans, but the issue of corruption is a bi-partisan one, and the voters know it. They know that there is greed and abuse of power in both parties, and they do not like it because it is just simply not right, no matter who you are.
There is a culture of influence peddling, contributions, and ear-marking public spending that runs far too deep to have been corrected with one little election.
But it is a beginning. A step in the right direction. We must now encourage them to do the right thing, and we must keep our eye on them.