Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Something about stuff that you dont see (programming the game)

Finally, that day came, a lot of hard work and thousands lines of pure code that makes no sense to ordinary people, but turn online design, animation and sound into the game like it is SUBPOW.

My name is Ermin Nogo and I am from Bosnia and Herzegowina. It is my pleasure to work on this game as a computer programmer when I have a team like this one is.

When I started to code the game, I thought it will be good game and that I will play it........but I was wrong, SUBPOW is great game for me although I know every trick and obstacle.

I want to know what other people think of this game and did my effort pay off.

Why is the game good?

Game has many features that some people will not reckognize on first sight, funny, realistic, interesting and even relaxing situations like it is Crazy Game.
When I play the game I have feeling like I am a movie director, I have the law in my hands. Most interesting fact is that the whole game was made in reality and only like that reveales its scenario. Special sound effects make the game humoristic and even more interesting.


Blogger Tom said...

You have done great work Ermin and I thank you most gratefully.
This is the first I have heard that you REALLY like the game. I thought you might just be a guy who approached his work with a good attitude. Or you might be being diplomatic so as not to upset the strange man with the odd idea.

I like what you say about being the director. Subpoena Power is sort of an interactive cartoon movie where you have some say in the plot. Some games are more like that, while others have an exciting but narrow range of activity that gets more and more intense as the monsters get closer and closer until you die. It gets a bit hectic. I like it when you can make some decisions of your own.

Anyway, Thanks again. You figured out what I was saying in English and turned it into code. It works just like I hoped it would. That's pretty awesome.

10:35 PM  
Blogger SubPowered said...

It was meeting you Ermin that inspired this game for me; made it possible. And you definitely proved to me over and over again that everything and anything is possible!

You are indefatigable and the language of the code transcended our different languages! You really impressed me with your willingness to keep up with my demands and my unwillingness to accept that all programs have bugs.

Thank you!

12:17 AM  

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