Friday, August 18, 2006

The layout adventure.

The layouts for this game were some of the most ambitious I have ever done. I had to find ways to speed up and use tricks to finish them on time.

The one that took the longest was the long pan used in the game. I hid various fun things in it, and invented random pictures of folks. A funny moment was when I was speaking with a friend from California and said I couldn't decide on a good person from American history to use as a bust, but had eventually decided on Winston Churchill. He was tactful in explaining why Mr. Churchill was not a very good person to use. (Whoops, wrong country.) I changed the head a bit after that to a different likeness.

The layout that almost killed me was staring up the steps at the capital building. I was trying to get it done overnight and wanted to go to my friend's the next day with no work. So I worked until the sun was coming up, and found some tricks in photoshop to do the stairs.

The certificates were another fun one. The patterns along the outsides were made using a tiling trick in Flash initially, so I could draw in one space and have an idea of what it looked like tiled overall. After that it was painted in pieaces by hand.

I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of tricks from this.


Blogger Tom said...

I am glad to hear that you were stretched a bit by the challenges presented by the assignment, because we all do are best when working in that zone between too easy and too hard. But I am even more glad that I couldn't have guessed that was the case given quality of the results. It looks really great. Really.
But now I have to look for "funny little things"

3:51 PM  
Blogger SubPowered said...

Funny little things indeed! I was wondering about your inspiration!! Because I see it in every stone, every little things; inspired!!

Cindy, you rose to the challenge and exceeded every expectation. Now I am having dreams about new background, other corrodors, more "little funny things".

10:30 PM  

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