Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Beta & Bugs

What the heck is public beta?

Public beta means that it's not the official or final version, and that we ask for user help. In this case, we ask for players to play the SubPow game and tell us what they think -- especially if they find any bugs.

With many people playing, the game is tested from many user points of view along with the various operating systems etc. This gives us, or rather the tech team who knows such things, all the information to fix the problem.

When you find something that you believe shouldn't happen -- something technical with the game itself, not a complaint about a Toadie making you use your last towel! -- we want you to report it.

How to report a bug:

Since the tech team is going to need lots of information in order to fix the problem, we ask that you email us at judge@subpow.com describing the last things you did prior to seeing the bug, and what the bug was.

In an ideal world, you know all the above information. But as Subpoena Power proves, we aren't living in an ideal world, so we know you may not know all of this. (This is especially true if you just came to read this after you found a bug or glitch!) Please provide all the information you can, and we'll see what we can do to find or recreate it from there.

Thank you for helping us Save the Game, and so Save the Republic!


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