Monday, August 14, 2006

Animator's thoughts

well I'm pleased the day has finally arrived for public release. I'll be interested to hear what people out there think of this.

It's hard (maybe impossible) for me to play this game as I would any other since I was invloved in creating the look of the characters and the way they move. Therefore I can't help but have a slightly biased eye as I play along. Just as I'm slapping a flying serve I'll think to myself "hmmm - I'm quite pleased with that arm action" - or "hehe - that's a nice flapping of the tie!"

So it is - I can't have the experience of seeing this fresh - so that's why I really wonder what people make of it :)

My personal favourite moment?

Well - I love the way the Toadies die - that sudden flash of anxiety in the eye - then the crumple into mud - yes, I'm pleased with that. almost worth wasting a subpoena or two I'd say :D


Blogger SubPowered said...

Carl Sowerby not only was the animator of Supoena Power, he designed all of the characters. And I swear the male Special Prosecutor is a self-portrait.

The life , and humor, you brought into each and every one of these characters is quite an accomplishment, and a feather in your cap! Congratulations.

My favorite character? I love the toadie and the way the Special prosecutors look when they jump. The Judge tickles and irritates me with his gruff personality but I love him.

The animations Carl did as introductions and the special End-Game if you ever achieve serving every member of Congress are each noteworthy.

I hope you enjoyed creating these characters and animations as much as I love playing them over and over and over again.

2:07 AM  
Blogger Tom said...

Carl, my friend, the personality that you get into those little characters with just a few details is astounding and delightful. The Toady, yes, but also the crocodile tears welling in the senator's eyes, the Lobbyist's cigar chomp, and the Sycophant's goulish hands are all deft touches that are all your doing. It really makes them characters and not just game pieces.
And you've been working on this longer anyone else so - Thanks again!

10:56 PM  

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