Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuning Time

I Have been playing the game quite a bit for the last couple of days and changing the values of certain variables.
The Instructions are succinct and do not explain the significance of the Lobbyist's briefcase, but it has an important effect on the game. ( It will need to be explained somewhere I suppose, along with the worth in evidence points of the characters.)
Each Congressman or Senator is either good or bad. At the beginning the probability of the outcome is set at 20%-80% ( good-bad). Each time you catch a lobbyist WITH his briefcase those odds change by 5% in favor of good. 20-80 goes to 25 -75. Then when you catch another lobbyist it changes again by 5% to 30-70 . And etc. to a limit of 80%- 20%. (The best odds we offer).
If The Lobbyist drops off his briefcase, but the Special Prosecutor ( you) finds it then the odds stay the same - no gain, no loss. BUT IF the Lobbyist drops it and the Sycophant finds it before you do, the odds change by 20% in the wrong direction. If, for example you had caught 6 Lobbyist with case and gotten the odds to 50-50 one completed hand-off of the bag of money will knock you right back to 20 -80. So even if you don't get the Lobbyist in time, keep looking for those hidden cases because they are worth more than just some evidence points.

Let me know how hard it is. Do we need more towels?


Blogger SubPowered said...

it is hard enough now that I am always losing within 15 minutes! This proves it is a real game!

I keep watching Tom to get tips on how to play the game and one of the things I noticed is that he "ducks" alot. YOu do lose when you run out of towels.

Yes more towels please!

9:26 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

I think I need more practice.
I average about 25 senators and cons per life.

I squander my subs though.
Hand them out like sweeties

Then I have to dodge toadies and wait for a judge!

9:30 PM  
Blogger carl sowerby said...

I seem to be airing all my thoughts at once, sorry if this is a bit long...

I just played and ended up with 61 good guys and 64 corrupt.

I notice it slows down quite a bit at times, anyone else notice this? It seems to be when the bad senators etc are muddied and feathered. I know it's that old Flash processor problem - it's a shame when it grinds slow. Maybe, if it IS the feathers slowing it down, the bad guys could just be muddied and then whacked by the cop - like he whacks the Lobbyist and marches him away? When it's fast the game plays so much better.

It took me at least 15 mins to die - I wonder if the attention span of people is enough for this. Would it be better if the average game lasted around 5-10 mins? I started to lose a bit of interest after a while, because I wasn't sure of the "goal" anymore, there isn't really a target as such (though Kat has mentioned a high score table - which will be good). I also had loads of subpoena's (unlike you Chris :), maybe I'm a cautious type). Personally I think it could be harder - maybe only add 10 or 15 subpoenas for refills.

On the whole I think there could be somehow greater urgency about the game - whether that be a time limit imposed, or less mud hits before cleanup is required (say 3 mud hits).

I did wonder about some sort of graphic bar to indicate the "mud state" so you know how close you are to using a towel.

This is turning into an essay: bear with me:

another thought I had (maybe to think about for Version 2 in the future) is that this could be level 1 or task 1 of a series. Let's say your mission is to expose 50 bad guys. As you collect evidence the ratio would tip to bad - because you NEED to find them. At the start they could be mainly good - the rational being that without evidence they can "act" good. As you get evidence you are exposing their badness.

Now, when you have exposed 50 (or whatever the number decided is) you move to level 2. My idea for this is that you now need to deliver the evidence - get it out of the capitol building and to wherever (let's say a newsroom - or legal court - I don't know). So you might have to cross a freeway - I've seen a few games where you need to avoid traffic - tends to be top view. Or maybe YOU are in a car - weaving in and out of traffic - with the occasional car driven by a pursuing Corrupt Senator.

also, maybe you have to beat the sycophant to the newsroom - because he is trying to get there first to put his "spin" on things and rubbish your evidence - he also tries to ram you off the road.

Here's an example car game:

anyway - enough for now

1:02 PM  
Blogger carl sowerby said...

I just realised that the amount of subpoenas you get in a refill depends upon the amount of evidence - which is good.

4:00 PM  

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