Monday, June 12, 2006

Mozilla Bug Fixed

Who knew that the DOCTYPE attribute could cause so many browser problems! Thanks to Ermin for pointing out that does NOT use DOCTYPE.

So SubPow works now on WIN and Mac versions of Firefox, Mac Safari, Windows Internet Explorer and Opera. This is good!

Now we can play to see HOW the game plays. We set the win to 100 Honest Tribunes and Tom was the first to win tonight! Adn it ain't easy. We have decided to make the game a "High Score" game, with no real win. There is an endless flow of new politicians, so you can just play forever, well at least until you lose, which I seemt o do within 15 minutes!

Thanks Tom for making it a real challenge. Now I want to add a way for the Special Proscecutor to get their hands on a gun!!


Blogger Chris said...

It feels like the number of politicians has increased.

For my style of playing the game - handing out subs left right and centre it seems to flow better.

also the skipping of the intro by pressing escape (I think thats a feature?) works for me.

So to the pause and quit.

Enjoying it!

8:04 PM  

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