Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Intuitive Game Play

The next phase. Ermin is programming the WINNING pages now and I have asked gamer Ed Klutcharch to help us make the game play more "intuitive". I don't even know what that means yet! But it is exciting!

I do understand that after 5 or 10 minutes players lose interest; more needs to happen. More needs to happen faster!

Fast, fun, furious, five minutes!! I think most people need to get to a new level after 15 minutes! That'll get them back for more!

I have suggested a "Can't take it anymore" button that appears after 5 minutes of game play. If chosen the player gets a "gun" but also a swat team of men in white coats descend upon the board whose goal it is to shoot you with a tranquilizer gun, put you in a straight-jacket and take you out. Game Over! But what a way to go!

Somehow making the game easier to understand, levels, yes this may be needed to get players started. Welcome to the team Ed. We look forward to your full report!


Blogger SubPowered said...

WOW, we changed the variables for the Judge and he comes more often now but more than this I started playing using TWO keys at once; an error key and one of the actions - search or serve and I was zipping along, much more successful serving subpoenas, found more evidence (and didn't lose as many suitcases full of money) and I got to 25 Honest Tribunes!!

WOW, even I can figure out this game!! And this makes me want to play again!

We are thinking about acknowledging accomplishment - at 25/50/75 Honest politicians, with a WIN and a certificate when you reach 100. Maybe the "Congratulations" should come with a Tip/Trick to encourage playing more??

I hope there's a way to dynamically change the Tip?? And I still want to add the "ray gun" and the maniacal laughter of the Special Prosecutor gone crazy from the overwhelming task!!


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