Monday, June 12, 2006

Full Screen Game

Wow what a day! Turns out that Internet Explorer for Windows takes over events; ie the ESC button is used by IE. So we have to figure out another way to do a QUIT button. In fact we are thinking about a PAUSE and RESUME feature as well.

Tom has been playing with the variables in order to balance the challenge and the fun of playing the game. He's made it harder and now I am losing every game. But I still get to play it for about 15 minutes or so before I lose.

In order to fix the problems we were having with the keys not working in the game if you clicked outside the Flash area (which is pretty easy to do) we created a full screen Flash browser window, now it works brilliantly in IE v6 on PC and I would love to get feedback about how it works on Firefox or any/all other browsers.

It has always worked on Mac OS X Safari and Firefox, but that is because these browsers do not have the "focus" issues. I always insist that everything we use works on all platforms, all modern browsers, and of course since 85% of the known Internet universe works on some flavor of PC/Internet Explorer, this is most important. But as a Machead I also insist that it works brilliantly on my machine. I no longer worry about Mac OS 9 or earlier, nor Windows98 or earlier. WinXP and OS X have been around now for over 4 years, almost 5. We can safely design for them and reach 80% of our audience, maybe more since it will be Broadband users who play online games.

What do you think?


Blogger carl sowerby said...

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8:39 AM  
Blogger carl sowerby said...

In Mozilla - the game is pushed right up to the top of the screen - and the bottom half (below "Game Instructions")is missing.

I had a problem with Mozilla when I did my own website in Flash and found out I had to paste some code into the html file. This was a while ago. Maybe there is a simpler way now.

also, interestingly, in the full screen version (which I played in IE) the flying mud doesn't stop at the edge of the frame, it continues outside it for a distance. Curious!

8:45 AM  
Blogger SubPowered said...

oh hehe, the flying mud going outside of the frame, I will check that. That shouldn't happen in theory since I have a black mask on the top layer right under the actions layer, but I fixed that last night so if you saw it this morning on PC/IE it is still a problem, a funny problem, but a probelm none the less!

4:29 PM  
Blogger SubPowered said...

Whaaaa? The Firefox bug is wild! On a Mac it cuts off the top of the Flash and the bottom, only shoing the middle! What the...?

4:38 PM  

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