Monday, June 19, 2006

Buttons, Buttons, who's seen the New Buttons?

We are almost ready for prime time!

We adjusted some of the potential for slowdowns; everything is fixed. I added the Credits, About Us, FAQ pages and links to the Instructions and NoEvil Productions from the game board.

I tested it on a variety of machines and found that on my Old Apple G4 the game was sluggish. Ermin has a solution which we will implement over the next few days. Overall I am confident that the game is running well on most systems and computers, especially since PCs have been set up to play games for alot longer than Macs.

Please invite your friends to test the game out; people you trust will give you their honest opinion. This week and next we will be added a membership function that will include awards for achievement. We want the ability for members (all free of course) to SAVE games and track "High Score" so that we can award prizes every month too. Membership will facilitate that.

I find myself watching Tom to get tips and tricks, since I have seen him win (it's set to win at 100 honest tribunes for the beta test period) twice. I am just not that good with the keys. But I still enjoy playing SubPow more than I have ever liked playing any game since Pong.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a lot of fun, and addictive, as all good video games are. And I'm not much of a game player, of any sort, but this is one I get a kick out of. The frustration of eluding the sycophants and toadies is enough to keep me going. Gotta beat those guys!

10:49 PM  

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