Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bugs update and new buttons

We added SKIP to the Intro animations, PAUSE and EXIT to the game, today.

We noticed that the feather sfx (chicken squawk) is looping and that is all I can find today that is not working.

Yes I think we need more towels; maybe the towels should come automatically when you get 20 bad politicians, instead of having to go to the Judge to convert these points.

I love the feature where you turn in evidence points to the Judge for more subpoenas, but PLEASE give me more towels so that I can play the game longer than 15 minutes. Please.


Blogger Tom said...

To clarify the way it works now: You do get one new towel for each twenty "perfidious Scoundrels" you catch. You get them "automatically", but, as with the subpoenas you do not actually recieve them until you meet the judge. If you are due a new towel he says. " I ordered the guy to restock the towels" and you get one whether you know it or not.
If we feel that the less adept player is being slimed out too soon we can lower the requirement from 20 to 15 or 12 or even 10 scoundrels to win a towel. Since you start with a higher probability of finding bad guys, you quickly build points towards that first extra towel. If you are not very successfull at catching the Lobbyist than you don't get Good points as quickly, but you continue to get these scoundrel points that in essence give you more time to learn the game.

1:08 PM  
Blogger Tom said...


6:27 PM  
Blogger SubPowered said...

That might actually help, at least help me.

I know enough to look for the Judge but I don't always have luck catching him. And I know I should try to duck when the toadies sling mud and jump around the sycophants, but I am all thumbs it seems; always hitting the wrong keys.

It would be nice if those of us who are game-challenged got the chance to hone our skills a little longer. If I could get to achieve one certificate of proclamation and when I can save a game, I will be inclined to come back for another round!

3:00 AM  
Blogger carl sowerby said...

just like to say, the fact that you can search the chandeliers is great, and I'm enjoying executing some "flying serves" as I drop down from the top floor onto unsuspecting baddies

4:38 PM  

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